Your #PromiseSa2017 That You’d Probably Break

There’s nothing like a new year to usher in the feeling of urgency to change for the better. A new year brings forth a promise to a fresh start, a clean slate. For most of us, this means listing down our resolutions as a pledge to turn over a new leaf. Unfortunately, something almost always gets in our way in fulfilling all the items in our list (just check your last year’s resolutions). Nevertheless, it brings us hope so we still do it anyways. Here are five of them that you’d probably break (again).


1. Less shots, More squats

January marks the time when sign-ups for gym memberships peaks as everybody scrambles to sweat away the holiday weight. Everything seems to go well. You work out 2-3 times a week but you’re likely to lose focus slowly as we go through the year. Why? As Pinoys, it’s easy for us to find a reason to drink and be merry! One “inom later?” text away can make us “G.” faster than PH’s internet connection.


2. Less rice, More veggies

After binging over the holidays and stepping on to the weighing scale, you know that making healthier food choices is a must. You promise yourself to eat more greens and cut down on the extra rice. However, it’s quite challenging to accomplish when you’re living in a country where rice plus ulam is life and leafy vegetables alone simply cannot satisfy your tummy. Besides, food is always the center of any social gathering so it’s really hard to stay away from the sinful Filipino food like lechon, sisig, kakanin etc. (YUM!)


3. Less awra, more gawa

You probably already have your Starbucks planner laid out in front of you already filled with your “to do’s” (well for January at least). With your game face on, you’re all set to seize the day when suddenly your crush messages you. Of course you do everything you can to lengthen your conversation and before you know it, it’s already past 12. Concentration is a tricky thing especially with the invention of Facebook. People are even more susceptible to give in to awra when February rolls in (cause valentine’s day is lit) thus, we cram.


4. Less puyat, more tulog

As we come back after being refreshed from the holidays, you vow to never sleep late again after an exhausting 2016. You swear to have better time management skills to catch more sleep. For a while, maybe a few weeks tops, you do get to tuck yourself in bed before midnight. However, with life’s unexpected events whether it’s a new hobby, a relationship or a new episode of your fave tv series, you’re bound to be up all night again, tired and sleepy.


5. Less lamon, More ipon

After reviewing your expenses last year, you probably realized that more cash came out instead of went into your savings account. Money has always been a touchy subject and a source of stress. Keeping your savings afloat is no joke especially during the trying times when temptation is everywhere like newly opened food parks, new value meals at Jollibee, and buffet promos. This can’t be truer especially when you feel the need to treat yourself after a hard day’s work #makeitrain

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Will you change your habits this year? Maybe. But always remember to go easy on yourself because it won’t happen in one big moment. It will happen in thousand of little moments. Everything you choose to slowdown, forgive or be grateful – each little moment that you choose what’s right instead of what’s easy, faith instead of doubt – that;s where change happen. Even if you fail one, two or fourty more. It’s okay. You’ve got thousands more little moments ahead of you.

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