2020 MIT STAMP Workshop

Based on the interest of the Virtual Flight Test Safety Workshop this past May, the FTSC would like to bring awareness to the upcoming MIT STAMP Workshop.

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Download the Full Detailed Schedule Here

The 2020 Virtual STAMP Workshop will be scheduled with a few sessions a day over the course of three weeks to avoid fatigue from all-day remote video sessions and to maximize the number of people around the world who can participate. Sessions will run from July 20, 2020 to Aug 7, 2020.

The first week will provide short tutorials to introduce STAMP, STPA, CAST, and related techniques. These tutorials are different than our STAMP/STPA/CAST training classes; the tutorials are only meant to introduce core concepts to help you follow the presentations over the next two weeks. The following two weeks involve presentations, panels, and poster sessions from organizations around the world who want to share their experiences with these techniques.