Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tambunting Online?

For individuals who are in need of urgent cash, Tambunting Online is an online pawnshop to give clients fast and secured access to cash, within 24 hours, wherever they are – at home or at work. Unlike others, we have been developed by a company with over 100 years in the pawning industry in the Philippines.

How does Tambunting Online work?

It takes you only 5 easy steps to get your cash! Check out processes outlined here.

What are the areas Tambunting Online covers?

For now, we only service clients in Manila, BGC, Makati, Mandaluyong, Pasig, and San Juan. For areas outside the said cities, kindly contact our Tambunting Online officers to confirm. Email

How do I pawn my item?

Go to Get Cash pageand fill out information needed. Our Tambunting Online officers will get in touch with you for your transaction.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of money I can get from Tambunting Online?

Tambunting online offers you the amount of cash you need, supported by the value of your item. Each loan is determined on a case by case basis.

What are the items Tambunting Online accepts?

Tambunting Online accepts wider range of items including jewelries, watches, luxury bags and shoes, cars, bikes, and gadgets.

How can I pay with Tambunting Online?

You may pay Tambunting Online through bank deposit. You may also pay through Palawan Express, and LBC branches, with specific charges.

Do I have to have a bank account to pawn my item?

Tambunting Online recommends having a bank account for faster transactions. Talk to our officers to discuss your situation.

What are the other charges we shall pay?

Every transaction will incur you standard charge of 5-peso service charge. Full details will be outlined in your billing statement. It varies per pawned item.

Do you cover the cost of shipping?

Yes, we make shipping of items to our office for FREE using express bikers. However if you send your item to us, and you do not confirm with final appraised value of the item, you will be responsible for the cost of your items return.

How do we store your items?

We store your valuable items in our secured vault. Luxury bags and shoes are stored in an area where items will not dry out.

How do we get the cash from Tambunting Online?

Tambunting Online will send cash to your registered bank accounts. Clients also have the option to receive them through Palawan Express and LBC with specific charges.

Who picks up our items?

As we are partnered with express bikers, our team will send the Name of Biker, Contact Number, and Plate Number of bike who will pick up your items. Please only transact with people whose contact numbers were given. Also ask for the Invoice from the bikers once items were given.

How do we get our items back once we fully pay the loan?

You can get your items from our office or deliver them to you with shipping cost.

What does Tambunting Online do with my item if I do not pay back the loan upon maturity?

If not renewed nor redeemed per period given, then it is considered expired and the item will now be for auction. However, this changes per item. Talk to your Tambunting Online officers to confirm.

How to renew loan?

Just request renewal by sending email to