Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: 10 Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Let’s face it: life is tough. From the moment you wake-up, there are already challenges that awaits you. Empty tube of toothpaste, missing car keys, tangled wires, and hopelessly finding the end of a tape roll – are just some of the little things that are getting in your way. We all just want a productive day and we simply don’t have the energy to sweat the small stuff! Even though navigating through life doesn’t come with a manual, fortunately there are lifehacks to solve some of the most frustrating first-world challenges while going easy on your wallet! Read about them below:


1.Increase your alarm volume

Do you always sleep through your phone’s alarm? No need to invest on big and loud alarm clocks. All you need is a cup. Put your phone inside and presto you have a louder alarm clock. The enclosure of the up automatically amplifies the sound, making sure you won’t sleep through your alarm ever again.

If you got time, you could utilize this trick even more by taking two cups and a tissue roll together for a DIY smartphone speaker like this one below:

2.Till the last drop 

If you are fed up squeezing the life out of your shampoo bottle or tube of toothpaste, get your kitchen knife and cut through the packaging. You’ll be surprised how much product is left inside that’s still good for multiple uses!


3. Cord Labels

Don’t toss out the plastic labels you get when you buy a loaf of bread. Use them to label cords. This will save you time and effort on plugging in and out the appliance trying to find out, which is which.


4. Organize your cords

Keep those chords from untangling once and for all. Attach a binder clip from the side of your desk and insert the chords at the end. The handles of the clip can act as holders to not only give you quick access to your frequently used cables but also prevent the wires from falling off the table.

Binder clips can also double as a stand for phones – handy when you are browsing around youtube!


5. Boost your wifi’s signal

Dealing with a slow internet connection can be quite frustrating. Before thinking of changing your internet provider, try properly focusing the signal with an off-the-shelf or improvised directional antenna to improve the range of the wifi signal. Watch the video above on how you could do this using just a can off beer or soda.


6. End of the tape

Never scrape your nail again trying to find the end of that sticky tape by attaching a paperclip to mark the loose end of the roll. Bobby pins works great too!


7. Make bananas last longer

Slow down bananas’ ripening process by wrapping them with aluminum foil or plastic bag. This way, you’ll have more time to consume them!


8. Clean microwave

You don’t need to buy an oven cleaner. Just microwave water and lemon for 5 minutes and let it steam. This will get rid of the bad odor and will leave it with a zesty scent. Wipe clean the oven and you’re done!

Lemon juice can be handy to in removing armpit stains from clothes. Just spray them on the stained area before washing them.


9. Separate egg yolks easy

Cooking shows makes it seem so easy separating egg yolks by transferring them alternately to the broken egg shells. This takes too much time and can be too messy. You don’t have to buy an egg separator to spare you from the hassle. Simply squeeze an empty water bottle and release the pressure slowly over the egg yolk. It will create suction and you can easily transfer yolks to another bowl.


10. Clean shower head without removing it

Nothing can be more irritating than an uneven pressure coming out of your showerhead especially when you are trying to relax after a stressful day. Blame it on the mineral deposits build up over the months and years, clogging the tiny holes that the water spurts through and stopping the water from passing evenly. Cleaning your shower head on a regular basis will make the flow of water much better. Remedy this with some vinegar, a simple plastic bag and rubber band – just fill the bag with vinegar and attach it to the shower head using the rubber band. Leave it to soak for an hour and then rinse it well with running water before polishing with a damp cloth to get an extra shine on the shower head.

Do you have more life hacks in mind? Share it to us! We love hearing from you. Comment them below!

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