5 Rules of a Smart Shopper

Shopping can be quite therapeutic for many. The pleasure it gives comes in many forms.  It could be a smell of a new book, the sight of a filled fridge or the perfect fit of a fresh pair of kicks. However, the unexplained feeling of bliss literally comes with a price tag. Spending money is an unfortunate side effect of shopping. Retailers make their money out of us and they make it well. The time has come to stop feeling buyer’s remorse. After all, money does not grow from trees. The next time you’re going to shop in the mall or online, think about applying these five rules of a smart shopper.

1. Purchase off season clothing.

Clothing giants like H&M, Uniqlo and Forever 21 usually mark down items that are “off-season”. Retailers slash prices to get rid-off sweaters, jackets, boots during March and April; swimsuits, board shorts, rash guards on June and July. If you are patient enough to wait a few months between buying clothes and wearing them, you’ll earn serious savings multiple times a year.


2. Don’t buy newly released technology

A lot of people can’t wait to get their hands on the latest gadgets just to stay on trend. If your phone still works perfectly, don’t trade it in for a newer model just yet because their price depreciates so fast.  Remember the release of Iphone 6 last November 2014? Its model at 64gb was retail priced at Php 42,300. Now two years later, it depreciated at Php28,999. That’s almost more than 30% off. Patience can save you money.


3.Keep those receipts.

It’s time to ditch the habit of crumpling that little piece of paper attached to your purchase. Remember that no receipt means no proof of purchase. Without it you won’t be able to return your purchase if you see a sudden defect.

For minor purchases, you can keep the receipts in a file for at least once a month especially if you use a credit card. You can use them to compare it with your monthly bill statement. If the item comes with a warranty card, just staple it together with the user manual and keep it in a “warranty” file folder. You’ll thank yourself for setting them aside especially when your item decides to malfunction. No more repair fees.


4. Use the product as soon as you buy it.

Return policies and warranties start from the date of your purchase. If you bought a new appliance or gadget, it is important to use ASAP. It is working properly? Are all the parts in the box? If there’s damage with the product and it is still under warranty, you just saved yourself from repair expenses.


5. Vouchers and Coupons

Whether you are planning just a simple dinner with a family, a barkada getaway or just a simple spa date by yourself, consider checking out www.metrodeals.comor www.dealgrocer.com. These sites offer a wide selection of shopping, dining, travel, hotel, salon and beauty vouchers. All you need to do is choose the best deal for you, pay through credit/debit/atm or deposit through a bank account, print the voucher and present it to the merchant.

Make sure to read the fine print first as vouchers vary for different products. You could also subscribe to their newsletters so you can stay updated on their latest deals. Just remember to pace yourself before hitting the buy button as these sales are only available at a limited time. You don’t want to succumb to impulse buys, right?

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